Located in the heart of Texas Forest Country, the City of Lufkin is a vibrant destination that attracts both visitors and residents throughout the year. This is a boon for businesses as it promises a thriving economy, a steady clientele and a qualified workforce. The Lufkin commercial real estate market also presents many quality buildings that offer the location and space that companies require.

Whether your business is in retail, manufacturing, telecommunications or a host of other industries, there are a range of Lufkin commercial real estate properties that can work for you. Expansive warehouse buildings are available to house your inventory, industrial buildings are perfect for your new factory and office buildings can house your growing team of employees. There is also open land available should you wish to build your facilities from the ground up.

No matter how big or small your business may be, the City of Lufkin is a welcoming community that provides a nurturing environment for your company’s growth. The local Chamber of Commerce offers many resources and services, and the city’s infrastructure continues to support promising ventures much like it has for over a century. As Lufkin is home to many successful local and national companies, including the renowned Lufkin Industries, your company will exist among an excellent group of peers.

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